Hi, I'm Charlyn

I specialise in the Low FODMAP Diet and I help those suffering from digestive health issues find long-term relief from their symptoms.


About Charlyn Ooi

Charlyn is the Director & Principal Dietitian of the FODMAP Focus Program. She has more than 10 years of clinical experience as a dietitian and is highly skilled in helping clients with IBS & digestive health issues. Having suffered from IBS, Charlyn has first-hand experience and understands the daily struggles of living with IBS. Charlyn is a firm believer of using a natural, food-first approach to managing IBS and is passionate about empowering IBS sufferers to gain control of their symptoms.

Charlyn is also a qualified Paediatric Dietitian and she has extensive experience working with children and adults. 


What our Clients say about us...

"Charlyn has been empathetic, supportive and very knowledgeable in guiding me through the Low FODMAP diet. I had my first appointment with Charlyn and started the Low FODMAP diet straight away and within the first week, I felt instant relief from my IBS symptoms! Charlyn is a great dietitian and I highly recommend her!"

Olivia A.

"I was following a FODMAP diet for over a year with mixed results before I was referred to Charlyn. Her knowledge and support has enabled me to pinpoint my trigger foods and live my life with some level of normality."

Mike S.

"I have been suffering from IBS for five years and have been going to the toilet 10 times a day. I have terrible abdominal pain and I have tried two naturopaths and seen other dietitians without success. I was getting depressed and disappointment with myself because I can't go out and meet my friends or have any life. I've seen about 5 or more doctors for different opinions and they can't help me at all. I started looking and searching on google and finally, I found Charlyn's website and decided to have another go. Charlyn was excellent and very supportive, I tried the diet and it works well. I'm so glad I met her and she's not only taught me about the diet but also showed me how this diet works if I have problems in the future. Now I can enjoy my life without worrying about my bowels. My point to other suffers out there is to never give up and have a go at this diet. I'm grateful to my dietitian. She saved my life. "

Tong W.

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